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Research Community


Professor Ben Walmsley

Dean of University of Leeds & Director of the Centre for Cultural Value

Culture Commons have really affected a step change in the traction that our research is getting with key policy stakeholders at all levels. I can't recommend them highly enough.

As a consultancy with lots of in-house experience, we can support you with any of your policy and advocacy related ambitions. Here's just a snapshot of some of things we've been working on with the research community in recent years:

  • Strategic support to to P/Co-Is

  • Informing overall research design

  • Developing evidence-led policy

  • Designing policy impact plans

  • Convening meetings/events with policy makers

  • Producing policy seminars and public events

  • Political, policy and legislative horizon scanning

  • Advising university policy units

  • Co-authoring research papers & book chapters

  • Delivering policy workshops and training

  • Recording REF-relevant policy impacts

  • Delivering policy workshops and training

  • Project management

  • Co-designing evidence-led policy

  • Building evidence-led in/external campaigns

  • Strategic advice to Deans and Vice Chancellors

  • Running focus groups and polling

  • Building policy reference groups

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