Prof Ben Walmsley

Director of the Centre for Cultural Value

Culture Commons have affected a step change in the traction that our research is getting with key policy stakeholders. I just can't recommend them highly enough.

Dr Abigail Gilmore

University of Manchester

Culture Commons are just brilliant for several reasons which I'd like to outline here for you to help make your website look super attractive to other researchers hoping to engage policy makers.

Prof Pascale Aeibesher

University of Exeter

Culture Commons helped us make sense of  the many findings coming through on our major AHRC-funded programme. They also helped us get senior politicians and civil servants to our meetings and events - the impact was considerable.

Whether you're an 
early career researcher, a P/Co-investigator or a Vice Chancellor, Culture Commons can help


In a world filled with opinion and conjecture, it can be hard getting research under the noses of the policy makers who could really affect change.

We work with early career and established researchers, research institutions, think tanks and policy unites to transform research findings into concrete policy recommendations and share them with decision makers at the local, regional and national levels. Below you can find a list of just some of the ways we can help you.


Our in-house team has extensive experience working both in and with local and national government and senior parliamentarians at the UK and European levels. We regularly convene research briefing sessions, roundtables and specialist events that help shape the policy agendas of the UK and EU Parliaments, All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGS's), Select Committees, UK Government Ministers, Secretaries of State and their equivalents in the devolved administrations and other key policy stakeholders such as Non-Government Organisations and Arms Length Bodies.

Our team is located across the UK with a base in London with access to Westminster and Whitehall, helping us to keep our clients and partners abreast of the salient topics for UK decision makers at both the local and national levels. Our in-house software allows us to keep track of the ever-changing policy landscape and provide our clients and partners with REF-relevant data in real time too.

  • Informing research design

  •  Strategic support to to P/Co-Is

  • Advising university policy units

  • Co-authoring research papers and chapters

  • Strategic support to to P/Co-Is

  • Delivering policy workshops and training

  • Recording REF-relevant policy impacts & activity

  • Running focus groups and polling

  • Building policy reference groups

  • Designing policy development plans

  • Project management

  • Co-designing evidence-led policy

  • Building evidence-led in/external campaigns

  • Political horizon scanning for Vice Chancellors

  • Producing policy seminars and events

  • Convening meetings & events with policy makers