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At Culture Commons, we care deeply about the creative and cultural life of the UK. 


From our world-leading creative industries and vibrant cultural scene, to the 'everyday creativity' taking place quietly in communities, this nation is home to a rich and dynamic creative ecosystem.


The sub-sectors that make up this ecosystem are deeply interconnected, but often require very different policy approaches to support their flourishing. We do not think our sectors have had enough attention from policymakers and this has prevented the creative and cultural sectors from unlocking the economic and social benefits they can bring to places.

That’s why we bring cutting-edge research, consultancy and policy development processes together to co-design policy and influence decision makers at the local, regional and national levels.


Our work is evidence-informed, implementable and impactful. As a not-for-profit organisation, our work is also underpinned by values of transparency, collaboration and bringing people who are often excluded from policy making processes to the table.

Alongside our traditional consultancy services, we run nation-wide 'open policy development programmes' to ensure that all parts of the creative ecosystem are brought to the table.

We are kindly supported with grant funding from:

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Who we work with

We support individuals and organisations operating in the creative industries and the publicly subsidised cultural sector too. We work with leading universities, independent think tanks and research institutions. We regularly engage with local, national and international governments, senior parliamentarians, arms length bodies, grant giving organisations, trade unions and sector representative bodies. We increasingly work with artists to help us design and communicate policy.


Who we are

Our team is made up highly experienced professionals who've worked in senior positions within policy and politics, research and academia, and the creative and cultural sectors; we have extensive experience of takes ideas into law. Between us, we've worked in local, national and international governments and parliaments, as well as in mainstream political parties (see here).


What we do

We provide ​a suite of services, including policy co-design; stakeholder mapping and engagement; designing policy roundtables, debates and outreach events; government, regulatory, and parliamentary analysis; 1-2-1 senior leadership counsel; political risk management; and communications and public affairs services.


Why we're different

We're not your average consultancy. With team members in London, Manchester and Sheffield, we've developed a not-for-profit and cross-subsidy model that enables us to work with industry leading organisations as well as those who are all too often excluded from policy development processes. We're not interested in growing fast - our boutique offering means we can give our clients and partners the attention they deserve, leading to more impact and faster change.


Who supports us

Recognising our unique place in the policy landscape, we are kindly supported with direct and indirect project and core grant funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Arts Council England, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch), the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Federation of Entertainment Unions and Research England.

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