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Our team have worked with and for some of the most senior Labour politicians sitting in the Cabinet today.

A new UK Government comes with an inevitable shift in policy and a drive towards updated national "missions".

If you're thinking about how to make the right first engagement or develop an evidence-led strategy for the long term, we're here to help.

We're here for you

Whatever your policy and advocacy needs, the team is here to help build a bespoke package of support. 


Below are just a few of the services we have offered in the past, as well as the sectors and themes we're covering at the moment.


We hope this gives you an idea of the kind of work we might be able to do together.

Clients & Partners

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I look forward to working with other metro mayors and Culture Commons to ensure that London’s creative industries is even more accessible, rich and vibrant after the pandemic than it was before.

Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London


 In the last 12 months, we have:


Secured uplifts in central government funding for flagship cultural institutions


Built new policy infrastructures for national strategic networks and civic bodies


Informed policy by bringing cutting edge research to the attention of UK, devolved and local government decision makers


Built coalitions on national open policy development programmes examining the most pressing policy questions of our times


​Advised elected people and their teams on the design and delivery of cultural policy in their areas


​Led impactful campaigns for change for grassroots organisations and the creative workforce


Provided analysis on legislation and parliamentary business related to the creative, cultural and heritage sectors

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