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UK Covid-19 Inquiry: a creative response

We're researching and developing a nation-wide project to bring artistic, creative and cultural responses to the Covid-19 pandemic together in a new exhibition to submit as formal evidence to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry.

The arts, culture and creativity played a critical role during the Covid-19 pandemic. From internationally recognised professional artists to the work being made at home by amateurs and enthusiasts, many of us were tapping into our creativity to capture and make sense of the profound changes we were being forced to confront as a nation.​

We want to spotlight the ability of artists, creative and cultural practitioners of all kinds to capture, make sense of and communicate the multiple impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic at different phases, in different UK regions and nations, and for different communities.​

We are keen to ensure that the Covid-19 inquiry draws on robust qualitative data, including through verbatim, testimonial and other types of formalised and codified artforms. This will make space for the lived experiences of the public, patients and their loved ones, health and social care givers and policymakers to be communicated in more human and expressive ways.​

Over the coming months, we'll be scoping out the terms of reference for the programme in consultation with the UK Covid-19 inquiry team, and developing our partnerships to deliver on the overall objectives.

You can get more details and updates on the 'UK Covid-19 Inquiry: a creative response' project hub here.

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