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English Civic Museums Network

We're working with a network of nearly 100 museums across England to identify potential policy objectives in a shifting political landscape, develop a new Statement of Purpose and consider new sustainable operating models.

As we head towards a general election and with many local authorities and creative, cultural and heritage sector infrastructures across the county in need of significant investment, Culture Commons are auditing the stated policy priorities for UK level policymakers, with a particular focus on those that could have a material impact on the museums sector in the coming years.


With the ECMN Executive and members, we're convening policy focussed roundtables to unearth the networks own objectives, identifying commonalities across the network. We'll begin to map the networks collective social impacts, indexing them against the priorities of political parties as we gear up for a general election.


We'll be producing a report for the ECMS which will bring together findings from each stage of the process.

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