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Policy roundtable on culture, health and wellbeing

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

This week, Culture Commons will co-convene a high-level policy roundtable with our research partners at the Centre for Cultural Value.


We're bringing together policymakers to explore the current evidence base associated with culture, health & wellbeing and pose the question: what can we do to improve research and support the creative, cultural and healthcare sectors to improve health outcomes?

We'll be hearing from Dr Robyn Dowlen who will present the Centre's latest 'Vision Paper' on this subject:

We'll also be gathering perspectives from representatives, including:

Culture Commons Director, Trevor MacFarlane FRSA said

The UK is undoubtably a best practice hotspot for creative health and social proscribing, but we feel that policymakers need to really step up to the research community to gather more - and better quality - evidence that healthcare leaders need to really embed culture and creativity into their core commissioning activities.

We'll be sharing outcomes from the meeting. If you'd like to stay up to date, sign up to our free policy briefing notes by navigating to the bottom of our home page.


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