Pandemic and Beyond

Updated: Nov 17

Clients and partners: University of Exeter, Arts and Humanities Research Council

'Pandemic & Beyond' is an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) umbrella programme coordinated by the University of Exeter. The large scale project brings together over 70 leading academic research studies from across the UK that are investigating the impact of Covid-19 on several key policy areas. ​ Culture Commons provided a wraparound service to the core team right the way through the project lifecycle, ensuring emerging findings were communicated to the right decision makers, at the right time. We co-produced a series of high-level webinars and roundtables, bringing UK Government Ministers, senior parliamentarians, officials across the Cabinet Office, No. 10, Department for Health and Social Care and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport together.

We advised on the development of a virtual policy hub where researchers and policymakers can meet, find out about each of the studies, and work together to share expertise and resources for maximum policy impact.

A principle Investigator on the programme said Culture Commons:

has radically shifted the ways in which we engage with policymakers and developed some very strong long-term relationships right across the UK.