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Creative Workforce Workshops

Updated: May 24

A black man in an orange jumper shouts into a loudhailer to announce the Creative Workforce Workshops!

Today, Culture Commons opens the application portal for individuals to take part in a paid Creative Workforce Workshop as part of ‘the future of local cultural decision making’: an open policy development programme.

These workshops will give you the chance to share your insights and ideas and be part of a major policy development programme that could help support our sectors at a time of significant policy change.

These facilitated conversations will take place online on the 5th and 6th of June 2024. 
The deadline for applying is the 29th May 2024. 

Read on to discover more about the criteria for applying for one of the workshops. 


The Programme 

The future of local cultural decision making: An open policy development programme 

Culture Commons is working with a coalition of over 28 partners in the creative, cultural and heritage sectors, local governments and leading researchers from across the UK to explore how devolution and increased local decision making might impact on the creative, cultural and heritage ecosystem in different parts of the UK.  

This major 12-month project is taking a radically transparent approach to the design of policies that could help support our sectors at a time of significant policy change ahead of an impending general election. 

We want to ensure individuals working in the creative and cultural sectors are heard loud and clear in this process. This opportunity will allow individuals to contribute through in-depth facilitated conversations with two of our research partners.  

You can find full details of ‘the future of local cultural decision making’ programme at 


The Workshops 

In this series of Creative Workforce Workshops, we are inviting participants to apply to have their ideas and insights heard on the risks and opportunities that increased local decision making might bring to different parts of the UK (specific place eligibility criteria applies – see below).  

We're delighted to be running these workshops in partnership with two of our research partners, Centre for Cultural Value and the University of Warwick - with thanks to the 28 programme partners for providing the funding to make this possible.

If you work in the creative, cultural and heritage sectors in the UK, then we would love to hear from you. Your voice will add to the formal evidence we’re collating as part of the programme.

We are paying each participant £175 for a two-hour workshop and completion of a short post-workshop survey for workers from across multiple creative, cultural and heritage subsectors to join us for a facilitated online conversation with peers in specific places across the four UK nations.  


Eligibility Criteria 

We are looking for applicants who are professionally active within one of the creative, cultural and heritage sub-sectors as identified in DCMS’s subsectors of Standard Industrial Classifications. 

We know that the experiences that creative workers have can be informed by where they live. We’d specifically love to talk to creatives who are based in any of the following geographical locations, which includes the areas represented by the partners in the programme.

You do not need to have any experience in policy groups or focus groups to apply.

The application form with full eligibility criteria and session dates and times can be found here.

Geographical Location 
  • Advertising and marketing 

  • Architecture 

  • Crafts 

  • Design and designer fashion 

  • Film, TV, video, radio and photography 

  • IT, software and computer services 

  • Publishing 

  • Museums, galleries and libraries 

  • Music, performing and visual arts 

  • Arts 

  • Film, TV and Music 

  • Radio 

  • Photography 

  • Crafts 

  • Museums and galleries 

  • Library and archives 

  • Cultural education 

  • Operation of historical sites and similar visitor attractions 


  • Scotland (whole nation)

  • Wales (whole nation)

  • Northern Ireland (whole nation)

  • England, specifically:

  • Barnsley 

  • Bolton (Greater Manchester)  

  • Bury (Greater Manchester 

  • Cambridge 

  • Cambridgeshire 

  • Doncaster 

  • Durham 

  • Fenland 

  • Harlow 

  • Huntingdonshire  

  • Manchester 

  • Oldham 

  • Peterborough 

  • Rochdale 

  • Salford 

  • Stockport 

  • Tameside 

  • Trafford 

  • Rotherham 

  • Sheffield 

  • Wigan 


Want to get involved?  


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