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Policy makers

We provide politicians and civil servants with the information they need to make informed decisions about the future of the UK's creative and cultural sectors.


Here at Culture Commons we've worked with politicians and as senior civil servants across multiple portfolios - from local and combined authority, right through to Ministerial and Secretaries of State level.

Our team have even worked directly for some of the most senior parliamentarians in the UK and have worked on landmark Bills in recent years.

If you are a decision maker with questions about the UK's creative and cultural sectors, we're here to support you. Our partners are some of the foremost practitioners and organisations in the creative and cultural and research sectors. 

We have the political sensitivity to mount meaningful campaigns for policy change, and work with decision makers who share our goals and objectives.

Our team can brief you or you team on many of the biggest issues of the day facing creative and cultural sector organisations (both privately and publicly funded) and the associated workforces. 

Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London

I look forward to working with other metro mayors and Culture Commons to ensure that London’s creative industries is even more accessible, rich and vibrant after the pandemic than it was before.

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