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Local Authorities

Town Street

Alison McKenzie-Folan

Chief Executive of Wigan Council

"We’re really pleased to be a part of the efforts of Culture Commons, working to develop policies that will create the best possible outcomes for the creative and cultural sectors. It’s only right that opportunities to support and develop these sectors are fairly spread across different geographical areas."

As a consultancy with lots of in-house experience, it's likely that we can support you in a number of ways. Here's just a snapshot of some of things we've been supporting local authorities - in all four UK nations and at all tiers - with in recent months.

  • Produced specialised events in local wards and constituencies 

  • Developed officer and lead portfolio holder briefings

  • Designed new policies ready for implementation

  • Led overt and discreet campaigns (locally and regionally)

  • Submitted evidence to scrutiny committees on behalf of local authorities

  • Supported the development of cultural strategies

  • Co-commissioned research alongside local authorities

  • Developed policy influence trackers

  • Drafted speeches on salient topics for officers

  • Developed political top lines for deployment

  • Working with local authority networks like the LGA, COSLA and others

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